America Is Heading Towards A Key Socio-Economic Crisis

America is witnessing a new political power as Trump has become a President of America in this year. According to economic gurus, perhaps this period is bound to witness a paradigm shift of nationalism in American politics. Though the phenomenon of nationalism has become a global subject, in America, it has its growth that stems from the elimination of internationalist model. Perhaps, this unique model has been ruling the entire globe since the World War II. However, America is not in a position to find an answer for the regional issues as well as international powers that lie in other locations across the globe. In spite of this, America seems to witness a substantial rise in the area of nationalism.

America has been facing many crises in every fifty years, and the most recent one in the political arena is the election of Regan in 1980. Experts predicted such crises when the new social-economic issues pop up. It cannot be said now that Trump’s regime will bring crisis, but many foresee one in the next coming years. In fact, this period portends some sort of socio-economic crisis. The real threat is seen in things like the decreasing buying power of middle-class segment. Experts are in a view that a lower-middle-class labor needs to have a very tight budget every month though he or she can earn $2000. The person may not afford to rent a decent apartment with minimum facilities.

Socio, economic crisis has lots of political effects. The working class seems to be the main hit due to the change which directly reflects the voting pattern of the voters. Knowing this trend, Trump played his cards safe and established a good base to win his position among these selected groups of voters. This is challenging for him. The growth of nationalism indicates the possible economic crisis meets the global trends. More importantly, the aspect of free trade has been worst affected by such crisis, which eventually makes the concerned experts rethink about their trade deals.

Studies reveal that economic survival in America poses many types of vital questions such as immigration policy, defense commitments, trading terms and foreign aids, unemployment and much more. The present Trump’s regime is forced to find some solutions to reduce the internal stresses which have a direct impact on the foreign policy. The aspect of nationalism is seen as an important one than the internationalism which has not offered any security and did not solve the economic crisis.
Having got the new government under the leadership of Trump, America needs a big transformation to count the socio-economic crisis that can occur in the next few years. A lot of measures need to be taken at macro as well as micro levels to counter the onslaught of the forthcoming crisis. With the nationalism has been of great importance, one has to wait and see how things will change in the coming years. Economic pundits are geared up to caution the government as well as the business communities to handle the socio-economic crisis more professionally than in the past.